25 Space-Saving Ideas

1. For added kitchen counter space, open top drawer and place sink cover on it.

2. When sink covers are not in use, lean them against the back wall behind the stove where they can serve as a splash guard. Tack a narrow strip of molding on counter to hold them in place.

3. Place table leaves between twin beds to make a temporary work area for projects.

4. Square, stacking refrigerator storage containers take up less room than round ones.

5. Towel rings work well on curved walls.

6. Store folding chairs under the table, using stretch cords with hooks to hold them in place.

7. Decorative hooks on the outside of closet doors serve as a place to hang guest's coats.

8. Mount knife holder under cabinets. Knives are handy and blades won't dull from rubbing together during travel.

9. Roll towels, sweaters, jeans, underwear, and other wrinkle proof items instead of folding them. They take up less room on closet shelves.

10. Store extra trash bags in bottom of the container in which they'll be used. When you take one bag out, the replacement bag is handy.

11. Make a pantry "space-saver" from small heavyweight plastic baggies. Cut down one edge and then staple the higher side to the inside of the cupboard door. Store tea, mixes, gravies and similar products in them.

12. Buy a pants/skirts hanger with the metal clips. Take it apart and permanently mount the clips on the inside of a closet door. Pants will lie close against the door and be more accessible.

13. Cover empty cheese boxes with contact paper. They fit nicely into medicine cabinet for storing items. When you open the door after traveling, the things won't fall out.

14. Place a colourful corner style "garbage strainer" on the corner of your tub/shower to hold your shampoo etc. It drains if it gets wet and nothing falls out as you travel.

15. To store those plastic bags you bring vegetables home in, fold and place them in a colourful plastic tissue-box holder that can be displayed on the kitchen counter.

16. Use bolster covers to store bedding. In the daytime, they double as cushions.

17. If you leave our RV in storage in a damp climate, Place trays of kitty litter throughout the RV to absorb the moisture. Or you can place coffee cans of charcoal briquettes and place the cans in different parts of the RV.

18. In a desert climate, fill sinks and pans with water to prevent dryness from damaging wood.

19. Attach towel racks to shower ceiling to hang up raincoats or allow clothes to drip dry.

20. Cardboard cores from paper towels and toilet paper are excellent for storing electrical cords. Cover with attractive contact paper.

21. Plastic dish pans and colourful storage bins are ideal to use on closet shelves.

22. Plastic see-through shoe boxes also make useful storage boxes for closet shelves.

23. Mount adjustable shelves on bedroom all for storage of books, etc. To strengthen, screw the bracing rods into the wall in several places. Add a molding trim to the exposed shelf edges to hold items in place.

24. You can organize better if partition deep cabinets with Masonite. separate the space into 2 shelves or into definite compartments.

25. Cut shoe bags in half and fasten to walls inside or outside of closets for storage of bets, or small crafts/hobby items, or you can use them in the bathroom for toilet articles. Shoe bags also work on the back of the seat in the RV or tow vehicle for holding maps, flashlight, first aid kit, etc.