How In a Sardine Can--without killing each other

By Kay Peterson

Twelve rules for living together harmoniously in a small space.

1: Make sure you are communicating in the same language.

2: Agree on what to take with you, using my four-question test.

(1.) How often was the item used last year?

(2.) How much space does it take and how much does it weigh?

(3.) Does it have a special sentimental value?

(4.) How hard would it be to replace?

3: Make room for the important things regardless of the above rules.

4: Determine where to put things: whose stuff goes where?

5: Get and stay organized.

Things multiple to fit the available space.

It is easier to lose things in a small space.

If you can't find it, you may as well not have it.

Set realistic goals for staying organized.

6: Share your possessions and time as well as space.

7: Allow each other some privacy.

Utilize the outside.

Find new interests to do together and alone.

Declare a Kay's day when you need it.

8: Make new friends who share your current interests.

9: Pin my rules for a happy life on your bathroom mirror.

(1.) Decide what kind of day you will have.

(2.) Refuse to participate in rumors and gossip: cultivate your own garden.

(3.) Remain in charge of your emotions: don't be a victim of circumstance.

(4.) Remember you never know who you are touching.

(5.) Don't carry excess baggage--forgive yourself and others.

10: Become part of the community: don't be a tourist

(1.) Attend local church instead of local campground services.

(2.) Attend meetings for organizations you enjoy.

(3.) Volunteer.

11: Know what's important and let the rest go.

12: Keep your sense of humor.